POLICE have dubbed a murder case as ‘incredibly rare’ after a woman was found guilty of killing a man at a river in Oxford.

Scarlet Blake, 26, was found guilty of murdering Jorge Martin Carreno today (February 23) at Oxford Crown Court by a twelve-strong jury.

The trial heard that Blake, who is a transwoman, had been ‘looking for a victim’ in the early hours of July 25, 2021 before coming across Mr Martin Carreno in Radcliffe Square.

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After walking together to Parsons Pleasure, the prosecution say Blake knocked the Spanish man unconscious with a vodka bottle before strangling him and pushing him into the water.

Speaking after the verdict, Detective superintendent Jon Capps said: “Today’s verdict marks the end of a long and complex investigation. I know that many will want to focus on the actions and behaviour of this defendant.

“There are several aspects of this case that have been truly disturbing to see, hear and deal with. This defendant showed calculated cruelty. The acts Blake has been convicted of are barbaric and chilling.

Oxford Mail: Scarlet BlakeScarlet Blake (Image: TVP)

“The murder was premeditated with total disregard and distain for life. Thankfully crimes such as these are incredibly rare.

“I want rather to focus on Jorge and his family and pay tribute to them and the enormous dignity they have shown throughout this ordeal.”