THE family of a man who was murdered at Parsons Pleasure over two years ago have paid tribute to an ‘extraordinary being full of passion and kindness’.

Scarlet Blake, 26, was found guilty of murdering Jorge Martin Carreno today (February 23) at Oxford Crown Court by a twelve-strong jury.

The trial heard that Blake, who is a transwoman, had been ‘looking for a victim’ in the early hours of July 25, 2021 before coming across Mr Martin Carreno in Radcliffe Square.

Read the verdict here: Woman, 26, GUILTY of murdering Jorge Carreno

After walking together to Parsons Pleasure, a popular naked-male bathing spot, the prosecution said Blake knocked the Spanish man unconscious with a vodka bottle before strangling him and pushing him into the water.

Oxford Mail:  Jorge Martin Carreno Jorge Martin Carreno (Image: Family handout)

Blake denied the offence and claimed that, though she was with Mr Martin Carreno that night, she had left him there alive.

However, after about six hours of deliberations, the jury rejected her version of events and found her guilty.

Mr Martin Carreno’s family released a tribute this afternoon, writing: "We as a family, wish to pay tribute to Jorge, our beloved son and brother, an extraordinary being full of passion and kindness. Jorge was not only an exemplary child but also an exceptional being.

“He was distinguished by his incredible affection, friendliness, and his ability to give himself fully to others. Jorge's innate curiosity and creativity drove him to explore, learn, and experiment tirelessly. He studied electrical engineering, where his dedication and passion were evident in every project he undertook, manifesting in a deep commitment to innovation.

“He dreamed of a future where he could make a difference with his skills and ambitions, aspiring to create and build a better world.

“His life was imbued with love for music, photography, reading, and sports. He played the guitar skilfully and radiated kindness and humour among all those lucky enough to have known him.

“Being a triplet brother, Jorge shared not only blood ties with his brothers but was also their best friend. His friends adored him.

“He had an affable heart and sense of humour that filled every space with laughter and complicity. Jorge, with his caring and friendly nature, lit up any place, always spreading joy with his wit and contagious curiosity.

“With a great sense of humour, his immense desire to live and enjoy life made him a special being. Always ready to help and listen to others; he was above all, an incredibly good person.

“The loss of Jorge has left an open wound in the heart of his family but also in all those who had the pleasure of knowing him.

“This loss feels like a traumatic, devastating blow, leaving a void impossible to fill. Going through the pain of losing a son, a brother, under such tragic and unjustified circumstances, is a trial no family should face. Today his absence leaves a deep wound in our hearts.

“His life was stolen, cutting short his projects and dreams. This tribute is a reminder of Jorge but also a call to justice. There can be no peace until justice is served.

“We ask not only for justice for him but also for protection to prevent other people, other families, from suffering the immense pain caused by such cruel and senseless murders.

Oxford Mail: Scarlet BlakeScarlet Blake (Image: TVP)

“We extend our heartfelt thanks for the incredible support from family, friends, the police, and our lawyers during this tough time.

“Your kindness, support and solidarity have been a guiding light in the pursuit of justice for Jorge, providing hope and showing immense respect to our family. To those who offered comfort and helped honour Jorge's memory, your generosity is deeply appreciated.

“Thank you for advocating for Jorge and standing with us. May this inexplicable loss drive us to fight for a world where justice prevails and where we can build a safer future for everyone.

“Every day, we will remember Jorge, his laughter, his joy, his zest for life, and all those unforgettable moments we shared. Thank you for being part of this family; we feel fortunate to have had you in our lives.

“Thank you for teaching us to live with heart and soul. Jorge, you will always be present in our hearts."