A FAMILY have been left ‘emotionally scarred’ after a police officer accused a young man of assaulting him.

Connor Fagan, 20, was charged with one count of assaulting an emergency worker on September 11, 2021.

However, after two days of evidence at Oxford Crown Court, the Crown Prosecution Service decided to offer no further evidence and the trial was dismissed.

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Mr Fagan’s mother has since spoken out about the ordeal, describing the ‘massive emotional and financial’ impact the allegation and court proceedings have caused.

Oxford Mail: Connor Fagan's eye injuryConnor Fagan's eye injury (Image: Family handout)

She said: “Connor was never going to plead guilty because he wasn’t guilty. He’s lost his confidence and he has been tarnished with something he has never done.

“We’re still very much scarred about it - it took so much to prove his innocence.”

The court heard there was a fight at the junction of Park End Street and Worcester Street in Oxford and an officer alleged Mr Fagan had caused injuries to his face and knee.

Mr Fagan’s mother said: “Connor was attacked by other males and it escalated from there. The officers waded in and never told Connor they were police and Connor thought he was still being attacked.

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“He was taken down in a headlock and the officer admitted that his own knee injury was probably caused by the other officer running into them."

She said Mr Fagan had suffered injuries to his eyes as a result of the incident and could be heard 'screaming on the bodycam footage'.

Oxford Mail: Connor Fagan's eye injuriesConnor Fagan's eye injuries (Image: Family handout)

Mr Fagan was not arrested at the scene and was taken to hospital for his eye injuries. However, he was later charged and taken to court.

“It’s had a massive emotional and financial impact as it cost a huge amount of money to take this to trial,” his mother said. “He’s never been in trouble before, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“It’s been very traumatising. It has caused a massive amount of stress and worry as a family.

“It’s all come to this point because police were very aware they manhandled him and didn’t follow procedure and tried to turn themselves into the victims.

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“We’re obviously relieved it’s all over but it will still have a long-term impact on us.”

A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police said they were unable to comment on why the case was dismissed.

However, it said: “The force has a complaints procedure, which allows members of the public to make a complaint about the force or a member of our workforce. Details of our complaints procedure can be found via our website.”