Concerns have been raised over severe flooding in an Oxfordshire hamlet which usually is "unaffected" by heavy rain.

Whitecross, near Abingdon, suffered bad flooding earlier this year after Storm Henk battered the country in January.

The hamlet has now been hit again with flooding as more rain continues to cause issues across the county.

There are five flood warnings and 38 flood alerts still in place.

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Wootton Parish Council chairwoman Dr Gerardine Quaghebeur said Whitecross “hasn’t really flooded in the past" causing major unease for residents with further rain forecast.

She added no support has been provided in time between Storm Henk and the recent flooding over the past week.

Dr Quaghebeur said: “Whitecross severely flooded when we had the torrential rain in January.

“That was really bad with houses being made uninhabitable. There was a lot of damage.

“We raised this with the Oxfordshire County Council at our parish meeting and residents came to express their dismay.

“We don’t have any support at all and when the rain came down over the weekend, the flooding happened again.

“Several houses were flooded inside and nothing has happened between the two episodes.”

She claimed the main source of the flooding is from blocked drains and unkept gullies from Fox Lane near Boars Hill.

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A spokesman for Oxfordshire County Council said the “majority” of the Fox Lane gullies were inspected and cleansed in October 2022 with the others done in November 2019.

The parish council chairwoman added the area should be provided with sandbags and flood signs.

She said: “If it happens again people don’t have sandbags, so they have to buy their own.

“We don’t have flood signs. If we had signs at least we could hopefully stop the cars from driving through it.

“We need the drains to be cleared and people to come in to help pump out water and allow the water to go down the road and to help residents out of their houses and find places for shelter.

The council said it would deploy sandbags to properties at “immediate risk” but added householders have a responsibility to provide their own sandbags.

Highways teams will provide ‘road closed’ signs when roads become impassable, a council spokesperson said.

The authority is taking a "risk-based approach" to drain clearance, targeting the most at-risk sites.

An Oxfordshire County Council spokesman said: “We are carrying out a flood investigation report for the area of Whitecross following the flooding that occurred during storm Henk in January.

“Oxfordshire County Council’s Lead Local Flood Authority Team is working with the Vale of White Horse District Council to produce the report.

“The purpose is to establish which Risk Management Authorities have relevant flood risk management functions in the area, what the cause of the flood event was, and produce recommendations to alleviate future flooding events.”