A JURY has heard the closing speech of the prosecution in a murder trial where a 26-year-old is accused of strangling a Spanish man.

Scarlett Blake, of Crotch Crescent, Marston, is accused of killing Jorge Martin Carreno, 30, at Parsons Pleasure in the early hours of July 25, 2021.

Though she admits to being with Mr Martin Carreno, she denies killing him and the defence team suggested he may have accidentally drowned or took his own life.

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On Wednesday (February 21), the Crown Prosecution delivered their closing statement to the jury.

Barrister Alison Morgan KC described Mr Martin Carreno as a man ‘who was full of life and had much to look forward to’.

Oxford Mail: Jorge Martin Carreno Jorge Martin Carreno (Image: Family handout)She said: “Did he die because this defendant murdered him?

"The Prosecution invite you to conclude that it’s the explanation that’s just most likely but the only sensible one.

“How is it that this happy, fun, kind man met his death just an hour or so after meeting this defendant?

"He went there that night with someone who had an obsession with strangulation and someone who, by this time, had been instructed to kill someone by Ashlynn Bell.”

She continued: “In order to consider the person Mr Carreno ended up with at 4am, you also have to consider the actions four months earlier.

"A video was played of a cat which was killed and dissected and appealing things happened. It was not [played] to turn you against this defendant or to make your stomach churn.

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“It’s to show you the person she was. What she was capable of. What she was obsessed with doing.

“Imagine what it takes to capture an animal, a treasured pet to a family. It was defenceless, panicking and to see that as an opportunity to inflict pain?

Oxford Mail: Scarlet Blake at an earlier court appearance Scarlet Blake at an earlier court appearance (Image: Hyde)

“Imagine what it would feel like to deliberately take a life, to watch the moments of panic and panic. Imagine what it takes.

“These actions are so barbaric that they define someone. And then taking a trophy of her kill. She grotesquely took the heart and put it in a trinket box despite saying she was appalled by her actions.”

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Mentioning the confession Blake made to Miss Bell about the murder, which she claims was a lie, Ms Morgan KC said: “Why does someone confess to murder?

"Do they do it because it’s titillating for someone or because they’re scared of someone in another country you pretended to kill someone?

“Or do they confess to murder and send a jacket to someone because they did it?”

Defence barrister Richard Sutton KC is due to making his closing statement on Thursday morning (February 22).

The trial continues.