A VIDEO of a murder-accused woman's arrest has been released by police after it was shown to a jury. 

Scarlet Blake, 26, was arrested on August 9 last year and charged with the murder of Jorge Carreno. 

She is accused of killing the 30-year-old Spanish man at Parsons Pleasure in the early hours on July 25, 2021.

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Blake has denied having any involvement in his death.

During the trial at Oxford Crown Court, a jury heard that after Blake was arrested she was taken to Abingdon Police Station.

Bodycam footage from an officer was shown to the jury as the Prosecution deemed Blake to have been making some 'odd comments'. 

She can be heard asking the officer's if she would be giving nicotine before later saying at least her arrest 'was not for genocide'. 

When asked why she made this comment, Blake said it was a reference to "legislation passed in Florida which allowed 'transex offenders' to be executed". 

She said being arrested for that in reference to not having access to nicotine, meaning that 'genocide is worse than not having nicotine'.

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Upon arrest, when asked if there were dangerous chemicals in her house, Blake said that is a 'difficult question'.

When asked about this in court, Blake told the jury: "Is it safe for a toddler? No. Is it safe for someone with chemical training? Probably."

The trial continues.