Flooding is expected after two warnings were issued for Oxfordshire with heavy rainfall forecast.

The county has seen heavy flooding in recent months and is likely to experience more this week as river levels continue to rise.

Two separate flood warnings have been issued by GOV.UK while several flood alerts are also in place for the remainder of this week.

A post on X by Oxfordshire City Council on Wednesday morning said: “It's a rainy morning and there's more rain forecast tomorrow.

“We have large numbers of flood alerts and two flood warnings on Oxfordshire watercourses.”

Included in these warnings is the River Ray for Islip where river levels are expected to reach a level where properties closest to the river, including on Mill Street, may be affected.

A band of rain is expected to fall on the area throughout Wednesday with flooding of low-lying land and roads is expected and property flooding remains possible.

A spokesperson for GOV.UK said: “We are monitoring the situation and avoid using low-lying footpaths near local watercourses.”

The other affected area is River Ray from the Heath Bridge area to and including the Otmoor Basin.

“River levels remain high on the River Ray,” added the GOV.UK spokesperson.

“Flooding of roads, low-lying land and property flooding remains possible, in the areas closest to the River Ray around Murcott and the Otmoor Basin.

“We expect water levels to remain high over the coming days.”