A MURDER-accused woman said she 'wanted to kill her parents' was a 'metaphor' for them not immediately accepting her as transgender.

Scarlet Blake, now 26, is on trial at Oxford Crown Court charged with the murder of Jorge Carreno.

She is accused of allegedly strangling the 30-year-old Spanish man at Parsons Pleasure in the early hours of July 25, 2021 before pushing him in the water.

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Blake has denied having any involvement.

However, the prosecution's case showed messages between Blake and an ex-partner called Ashlynn Bell where she said she wanted to kill her parents.

They read: "I would murder my mum for you...I also want to kill my dad one day...maybe when they are old I can just put a respirator with pure nitrogen on their faces while they sleep."

When giving evidence on Monday (February 19), Blake explained the messages were a metaphor, expressing her hurt after her parents didn't immediately accept her as transgender.

She said: "In short, it's a fantasy dress-up of saying I'm hurt by the way I was brought up and I'm sad about it.

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"It's...a fairly strained relationship growing up I suppose.

"When I was 12 years old I came out as transgender. That has made my father really unhappy and my mother as well and that caused a very large emotional riff between us.

"I have a lot of unmet parenthood needs. I feel very forsaken I suppose."

Blake said she didn't have any medical intervention until the age of 17.  She said she was then given a referral for testosterone blockers.

She added that she was starving herself when she was younger and she never 'worked out' as she didn't want 'masculine muscle gain'

She said she was equivalent in strength to an 'unfit female'. 

On the same day, Blake also told the jury that she felt ‘guilty’ about stealing her neighbour’s cat, dissecting, dismembering it and putting it in a blender.

She said her former partner, Ashlynn Bell, had ‘conditioned’ her to do it.

Speaking to the jury, she said: “She was conditioning me to obey what she wanted me to do. I would be rewarded if I followed instructions and punished if I don't.

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“I felt awful, I feel guilty, I felt lost, I didn't know what to do. I expected the cat to die a lot quicker

"It's why I ended up stabbing it through the heart...to stop the suffering I suppose...something I could do without it looking like I was freaking out."

The trial continues.