MESSAGES sent from a woman charged with murder about strangulation were 'role-playing', a jury has heard.

Scarlet Blake, now 26, is on trial at Oxford Crown Court charged with the murder of Jorge Carreno.

She is accused of allegedly strangling the 30-year-old Spanish man at Parsons Pleasure in the early hours of July 25, 2021 before pushing him in the water.

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Blake has denied having any involvement.

When giving evidence from the witness stand on February 19, Blake said messages exchanged between her and her former partner Ashlynn Bell about strangulation were 'fantasy for sexual gratification'.

For example, one of the messages from Blake said: "I'd rape you in that...or just put a rope around your neck and choke you first.

"Good luck fighting back while you're unconscious. Keep you in that twilight. Where you can do nothing as your body twitches."

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Explaining the messages to the jury, Blake said: "The contents of this conversation is purely about a fictional scenario. 

"We are both into it. It would be a role-playing scenario. There wouldn't be actual death.

"This is a fantasy for sexual gratification."

She continued: "I have no idea if that's how it would actually work but it sounded hot so I said it.

"For her, I assume it would be sexually arousing which is why I said but for me...not was for her reciprocation."

The trial continues.