Neighbours in a residential Oxford street were left shocked after a car drove into the front of a nearby house. 

The incident occurred at around 4.20am on Sunday morning at the intersection between Croft Road and Old Marston Road in Marston.

A black BMW could be seen lodged into the front of a house with the site taped off by police throughout Sunday and Monday (February 19). 

A telephone mast was knocked down during the crash and a tree by the property was left badly damaged as well as the window of the house.

Oxford Mail: The crash occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning inn Marston.The crash occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning inn Marston. (Image: Newsquest)

Thames Valley Police announced on Monday (February 19) that a 25-year-old man from Oxford had been arrested on suspicion of driving a motor vehicle dangerously. 

Wei Tian has been a resident on Old Marston Road for five years and saw fire crews descend after the crash.

“We heard three fire engines arrive and they stayed for around half an hour before leaving,” she said.

“My father-in-law who lives with us woke up and saw this, but he said he did not see any actual fire, flames or smoke.

“The crash itself was not that loud I think as it did not wake him up, but he did notice the fire crews coming at around 4.30am.

Oxford Mail: The car was left wedged into the house on Monday afternoon.The car was left wedged into the house on Monday afternoon. (Image: Newsquest)

“This area, especially in the night, is very quiet and most people were asleep of course.

“We were shocked as this is the first time in five years I have seen something like that.”

Several other neighbours agreed with Ms Tian that the area of Marston is usually a very quiet place and this sort of incident is a rare occurrence.

Stephen Jacob has lived in the Croft Road area for 44 years and has never seen a crash like Sunday night’s during his time.

“I have never seen anything like it, sometimes motorbikes, but not like that car,” he said.

“The neighbourhood is quite quiet now, and we don’t tend to get much hassle, not like this.
Oxford Mail: The telephone mast nearby was damaged.The telephone mast nearby was damaged. (Image: Newsquest)
The 65-year-old did not hear the crash despite the excessive damage caused to the house and telephone mast.

“I didn’t hear it but my wife got up to go to the toilet and she looked out of the window, seeing that the police had arrived,” said Mr Jacob.

“We had no idea what was going on until a friend texted us about it.

“The driver is lucky to be alive and to do that they must have been going at least 100mph.”

Police say that the suspect has been released on police bail until April 28 while the investigation continues.