In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week, an Oxfordshire STEM college dedicated an entire day to exploring apprenticeships.

UTC Oxfordshire, based in Didcot and specialising in engineering and science, put its typical timetable to one side to give students a chance to interact with visiting employers.

Various organisations took part, including the Science and Technology Facilities Council, RAF, National Grid, Tokamak Energy, Milestone Infrastructure, Mace, Network Rail, Vertex, Nuclear Waste Services, and BMW Group.

Many representatives were current apprentices, some even UTC Oxfordshire graduates.

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Apprenticeship uptake by UTC graduates is three times as high compared to traditional school leavers, with 19 per cent versus 6 per cent.

Out of the UTC leavers opting for apprenticeships, 63 per cent of them are higher or degree level.

UTC Oxfordshire alumnus Henry Leadbeater-Hart, currently a project management apprentice at Lockheed Martin, said: "I went into my apprenticeship knowing I was going to be faced with some massive challenges.

"The most prominent being that I had to move out of home for work.

"However, having been in my apprenticeship and accommodation for five months now I know I made the right choice.

"I have been exposed to so many areas of the business and experienced so much in such a little amount of time."

He added: "UTC Oxfordshire provides an inspirational environment which pushes students to achieve their full potential.

"It’s hard not to think, how far could I go? Without this I question whether I would be where I am today."