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A MURDER-accused woman had pleaded guilty to ‘dissecting' a cat and putting it in a blender, a jury has heard.

Scarlet Blake, 25, is standing trial at Oxford Crown Court charged with the murder of Jorge Martin Carreno who was found dead at Parsons Pleasure, a popular bathing spot in Oxford, on July 25, 2021.

She has also been charged with killing a neighbour's cat after luring it into her home with cat food before filming herself killing the animal.

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The song 'Truth Faith' by New Order was playing in the video.

It was said that Blake was inspired by the Netflix documentary 'Don't F*** With Cats' where murdered Luke Magnotta killed a man with the same song in the background.

The court heard on Monday (February 12), that Blake has pleaded guilty to destroying a cat as it was read out in the agreed facts.

It was heard the black cat was rescued by a neighbour from a centre in Banbury. A vet, who has seen the video filmed by Blake, said the cat was 'likely' in pain for about three minutes.

In the trial, it was also heard that Blake had removed the cats eyes and skin with a scalpel.