A florist from Middle Aston has complied a list of which flowers you should send on Valentine's Day - and the reasons why.

First up on Ana Firth's list, owner of YouFloria, is the red rose, a global symbol of romance.

Roses trigger anti-stress hormones and elevate oxytocin levels, better known as the 'love hormone'.

Ms Firth said: "Roses not only look and smell beautiful, but they also make you physically feel it, making them a wonderful gift this Valentine’s Day."

Also on the list is jasmine, which Ms Firth says has a calming effect.

The scent reduces stress and anxiety while boosting confidence and optimism.

Up next, eucalyptus has been shown to have healing effects, it rejuvenates the mind, and can be activated by simply rubbing its leaves.

Essential oils extracted from eucalyptus are widely used in beauty products and herbal remedies for this reason.

Matthiola (Stocks) was also included as the scent of this popular candle choice can reportedly lower heart rates and balance hormones.

The last scent is from lavender, widely acknowledged for its capabilities in lowering stress levels and improving sleep.

Ana Firth said: "Flowers are the perfect gift for many reasons, whether they are a gift to yourself or for an important person in your life and knowing the science behind your choice only makes it that little bit more special."