South Oxfordshire residents will continue to have access to palliative care at home during the night after a Sue Ryder service was extended.

Sue Ryder Palliative Care Hub’s night service launched last summer following a cash boost from Henley-based charity, Anthony (Tony) Lane Foundation.

Since then, Sue Ryder has provided 1,310 hours of care to families in the region.

Due to an additional donation from the Anthony (Tony) Lane Foundation, Sue Ryder aims to increase the number of hours on offer, making the service accessible to more residents.

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Benefactor of the service, John, whose wife Beatrice received care from the service, welcomes this expansion.

He said: "In the last week or two of Beatrice’s life, I was getting up every two hours through the night to check on her and my son would help me, so we were getting very tired.

"Beatrice wanted to be at home, and the help we had from Sue Ryder enabled us to keep her at home.

"It was very reassuring to have a professional in the house overnight who would know what to do whatever the circumstances."

Sue Ryder's team operate from 10pm until 7am, bringing their expertise into homes.

Lynne Leach, a member of the Sue Ryder team, said : "I am a people person and when you knock on the door and the family opens it, you see the relief in their faces.

"Doing this role, I can see how important it is for people to have this support.

"I love being part of the Sue Ryder night service in the community and I am thrilled that thanks to the continued support of the Anthony (Tony) Lane Foundation we can provide more of this vital care."

Sylvia Thomas, head of quality and clinical services at Sue Ryder Palliative Care Hub South Oxfordshire, added: "At a time when the cost of delivering our care is increasing it is remarkable that we’re aiming to extend our service.

"We can only do this with the brilliant support of the Anthony (Tony) Lane Foundation and I want them to know just how much their continued support means to us, and the families we care for."

Della Burnside, trustee of the Anthony (Tony) Lane Foundation, said: "On behalf of the Anthony (Tony) Lane Foundation, we were pleased to support the night service provided by Sue Ryder Palliative Care Hub South Oxfordshire.

"Sue Ryder nurses are doing a fantastic job in providing palliative care for patients and essential respite for their families."

Sue Ryder is currently recruiting for various roles and shifts across its teams.

For more information about the opportunities, contact or call 0330 053 6092.