Concerns have been raised over the future of a village on the outskirts of Bicester as plans to build 99 homes have been submitted.

An application has been lodged with Cherwell District Council by Richborough Estates to build the new development on land west of Fringford Road in Caversfield.

Planning permission was previously refused in 2013 for a development around twice the size and that decision was upheld at appeal the following year.

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Objections have already been raised over the new plans with one resident worrying Caversfield “will cease to exist as a village” on the planning portal. 

However, developers say new homes would “positively contribute” to the area as 35 per cent of the proposed site would be sold as “affordable” housing.

“This will positively contribute to the current housing stock within the village and wider area providing opportunities for first-time buyers and families as well as those seeking to down or upsize,” planning documents said.

The application added: “Development here would relate well to the existing settlement of Caversfield.

“The site is also well related to Bicester, the eco-town and the existing and growing provision of shops, services, facilities and employment opportunities that exist in those places.

Oxford Mail: An aerial view of the proposed development An aerial view of the proposed development (Image: Cherwell District Council)

“The proposed development has been designed as an expansion of Caversfield but otherwise with clear and well-defined boundaries and careful buffering and landscaping to ensure the character of the village is maintained and adequate separation is provided relative to Bicester and the Eco-town.”

Developers said the benefits are “numerous and substantial” and “far outweigh the adverse impacts which are few and slight”.

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However, several residents have objected to the plans citing reasons such as loss of green spaces, traffic concerns and the lack of need for new homes.

Lynda Huard, a householder in Thompson Drive wrote: “This area is beautiful green space that surrounds Bicester.

“The road networks and infrastructure are not able to support the extra traffic this would bring.

“The eco-town is still expanding, with more houses meeting the needs of a growing population.

“Extra housing in this location is not required when other areas will fulfil this purpose.”

Jacqueline Boydon of Wilson Way added: “The area that is proposed is not large enough to hold that many dwellings and associated traffic they would bring to the area.

“Building on that body of land would also affect the balance pond that lies within that area, possibly leading to flooding of the immediate roads and housing nearby.

“There are better places to build dwellings to the south of Bicester.”

Gaynor Thorpe of Old School Close wrote: “Planning was applied for this site and refused on several accounts including its close proximity to the listed Garden Quarter and Bicester Heritage. This hasn't changed.

“The eco-town continues to expand and there are many parcels of land off Homes Lane earmarked for housing.

“Houses are not selling as it is in this current climate so why build more or will the developer purchase the land and hold onto it for years till the time is right?

“Caversfield will cease to exist as a village, is this what the council want?”