Two musicians who have been longstanding members of Oxford folk band Magpie Lane have decided it's "about time they put out a record themselves".

Known primarily for their work with the group, Mat Green and Andy Turner have been producing music together for more than three decades, contributing to all 10 of the band's albums.

But now, their first CD as a duo, 'Time for a Stottycake', is about to be launched.

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The record is being released by Wild Goose Studios on February 9.

The Eynsham community will have the first opportunity to experience the new album live, at The Swan's monthly Folk Night on February 19.

Mat Green took up the fiddle at the age of 14, learning from Bampton musicians including Arnold Woodley and Frank Purslow.

Meanwhile, Andy Turner developed a passion for traditional song in his teens.

He now plays with the groups Geckoes and the Oxford NAGS, while serving as the musician for Headington Quarry Morris Dancers.

The duo's specialty is little-known traditional English dance tunes from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Their new release has received high-praise in reviews.

Malcolm Woods of Essex Folk News said: "This is a fine album which I very much enjoyed. Two performers on the top of their game."

Martin Ellison of the Ran Tan Band added: "Well, this is an absolute delight. Andy Turner and Mat Green are a joy to listen to, great tunes and songs played with delightfully understated arrangements."