A former cancer patient has donated more than £1,000 to the centre which successfully cured her.

Kelly Hewitt expressed heartfelt thanks to Horton General Hospital's Brodey Cancer Centre by fundraising in appreciation of her breast cancer treatment.

Diagnosed in May last year, she underwent a mastectomy and chose the Brodey Centre to administer her chemotherapy.

Kelly, moved by the exceptional care she received, orchestrated a fundraising campaign despite facing health issues herself.

She said: "I can't thank the staff at Brodey Cancer Centre enough for the amazing care they provided throughout my treatment.

"Some weeks I even looked forward to going for my treatment and seeing them.

"They are hardworking and kind people: their compassion and passion to provide great care made one of the hardest times in my life significantly easier to sail through.

"As much as I am relieved to be treated, it is bittersweet not being able to go in the centre weekly to catch up with the friends I made there.

"The staff make you feel like a person rather than a patient or number."

With help from family and friends, Kelly's efforts raised £1,017 through a variety of initiatives, including an afternoon tea event, football scratch cards, and selling toys and 80 crafted origami hearts.

She added: "We tend to fundraise for number of causes in our family and we usually do that though a sponsored run or walk.

"As that was not possible this time because of my health condition, my friend Louise organised an afternoon tea event, that included a raffle and raised £1,000 from it.

"Half of that amount went to the Breast Cancer Now charity, and the other half went to Horton General Hospital Charity in support of the Brodey Cancer Centre."

An advocate for early cancer detection, Kelly is actively urging people to be vigilant for any bodily changes, reiterating the impact of early detection on treatment success.

For those inspired to donate, contributions can be made to Oxford Hospitals Charity to support departments across Oxford University Hospitals.

Lisa Aston, ward manager at Brodey Cancer Centre, said: "Kelly's fantastic donation will help the Brodey Cancer Centre in many ways.

"There is always a need to replace patient chairs, tables, mugs, cups and other utilities due to wear and tear.

"We could not do this without the generosity, kindness, and hard work Kelly and other patients and relatives who have donated here, have shown to us.

"Although Kelly was going through her own treatment, she never let it get her down.

"On her treatment day, she would always come in with a big smile and a happy disposition making friends with other patients who attended when she did.

"The laughter and chat that emanated from the room on those days was infectious and brought smiles to everyone.

"That's not easy to do when you are on your own journey, but it shows the remarkable woman Kelly is.

"We are grateful for her donations and wish her the very best."