A GP has shared three top tips she recommends that will help you quit vaping. 

Over one in four vapers believe that their habit is completely risk-free and not addictive, according to new research. 

Worryingly, 15 per cent of respondents reported that they had experienced impacts on their health as a result of vaping. 

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The study, which was conducted by health insurer Vitality, also saw participants record concerning side effects including a sore throat (14 per cent), lightheadedness (13 per cent) - and for one in 10 people, lower fitness levels (10 per cent).

With vapes available in a variety of appealing flavours and being easily accessible, it doesn’t come as a surprise that vaping has become a trend - particularly among the younger generation.

In fact, vapers between the ages of 18-24 were most influenced by their friends (22 per cent), and by the notion that vaping ‘looks cool’ (21 per cent). 

The survey comes as Dr Katie Tryon, director of health and strategy at Vitality, offers her top tips to help addicts quit.

3 tips to help you quit vaping 

Setting a realistic quit date, and make sure you commit to it

It’s important to focus on your motivation to quit, and perhaps try listing your reasons to quit, ensuring that you stick to them.

It might also help to tell people that you are quitting so that you can be held accountable for it.

Trying to address any triggers that may make you want to vape

Whether it’s boredom, stress, socialising, or even just the taste – once you’ve identified the main reason behind why you vape, the better you will be able to develop strategies to manage these feelings.

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Aiming to keep your cravings at bay by leading an active lifestyle.

Exercise is a great way to avoid reaching for your vape, keeping your mind and body busy.

Try having a plan in place to combat these cravings, such as going on a walk or avoiding environments that you associate with vaping.