A JURY were shown footage of a murder-accused woman strangling her partner to demonstrate her ‘fascination with violence’.

Scarlet Blake, 25, is standing trial at Oxford Crown Court charged with the murder of Jorge Martin Carreno who was found dead at Parsons Pleasure, a popular bathing spot in Oxford, on July 25, 2021.

Prosecutor Alison Morgan KC told the jury on Wednesday (February 7) that Blake displayed an interest in ‘violence and death’ and received ‘sexual gratification’ from these thoughts.

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The jury were shown a video of Blake's former partner strangling herself with a leopard print dressing gown cord which Blake took a photo with the night of Mr Carreno's death.

In the video, Blake’s partner can be seen pulling the cord around her neck and seemingly passing out.

Ms Morgan KC said: "These are ligatures being used in the context of sexual gratification."

Oxford Mail: Parsons Pleasure where the Mr Carreno was found Parsons Pleasure where the Mr Carreno was found (Image: Google)

The jury were then shown a second video of the defendant and her former partner where Blake consensually puts a ligature around her partner's neck and tightens it before she passes out.

In the video, the leopard dressing gown cord can also be seen on the bed.

Ms Morgan KC points out that ‘whatever was in Blake’s mind’ during the consensual strangulation of her partner must have been in her mind the night Mr Carreno died in order for her to have taken a picture with the cord.

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Other images in relation to strangulation were also found on her phone. An image from 2022 found on Blake's phone shows an image she saved with the words 'Bruise my oesophagus' spelt out in petals on a bed.

Another image found was a cartoon of someone being strangled.

It is the Prosecution's case that Blake strangled Mr Carreno until he became unconscious and fell in the water.

Blake denies the offence.

The trial continues.