A Malaysian restaurant in Summertown has been named among the best places to eat in the UK.

The Week, a weekly news magazine, has put together a list of the UK’s best restaurants and Kopitiam based at Suffolk House made the list.

The establishment takes its name after a type of coffee shop mostly found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Southern Thailand.

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The magazine said: “You could walk past this ‘unassuming Malaysian cafe' in Oxford ‘without giving it a second glance’, says Tom Parker Bowles in the Daily Mail. But that would be a big mistake.

“For the food it serves is ‘magnificent’ – and eating here costs barely more than it does at Pret.

“There are two menus – one Chinese-leaning, the other made up of ‘Malaysian classics’ – and my advice is to stick to the latter." 

The review praised the establishment's roti canai dish in particular which were compared to being as "delicate as silk handkerchiefs". 

It went on to say that other tasty options on the menu included chicken curry, cooked on the bone, and a Nanyang prawn noodle soup.

The cost of dining being just over £15 a head was also praised and made the writer feel "very happy indeed".

For more information on the eatery, search www.kopitiamoxford.co.uk.