A PAEDOPHILE was searching for indecent images of young girls on a library computer only two months after being released from prison.

Dean Coulson was arrested from the Westgate Library in Oxford's Queen Street after a library assistant searched his name and found out he was a convicted sex offender.

The 36-year-old, who had been released from prison on October 30 last year for possession of indecent images, was using the communal computer to search for pictures of young girls modelling.

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Search terms such as ‘schoolgirl princess’, ‘teen modelling’, ‘little girl models’, and ‘seven to 17 school models’ were found on the computer history.

Coulson told police he had been looking at pieces of his niece who modelled as he ‘missed her’ but when asked for her name he couldn’t remember.

Sentencing him to two years imprisonment at Oxford Crown Court on Tuesday (February 6), Judge Michael Gledhill said: “You’re approaching middle age, you’ve had a number of problems in  your life, you’ve had a difficult time, I appreciate that.

“But looking at these images of young girls is totally unacceptable as you well know.”

Coulson, formerly from Burnley, was released from HMP Peterborough after being jailed in 2019 for making 12 indecent images.

When he was released, Coulson told police he had travelled around using library computers, including the ones in Westgate.

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He told the library assistant he was looking at pictures of his daughter when he was confronted by staff who felt ‘uncomfortable’ by his searches.

However, when staff then researched his name from his library card and saw he was a convicted sex offender, police were called and he was arrested at the library on January 11 this year.

As well as being charged with making indecent photographs of a child, he was also charged with breaching his Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO)and failing to comply with the sex offenders register.

He breached his SHPO by accessing a device which could not retain the internet, though police were able to access some of his searches.

Coulson failed to comply with the sex offenders register by failing to inform police about where he was living upon his release from prison.

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Defending Coulson, barrister Derek Barry said he was a victim of sexual abuse as a child and had recently been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

He added that the defendant, of no fixed abode, struggles to accept that he has mental health issues.

Concluding, Judge Gledhill said: “I don’t want to see you back here again Mr Coulson.

"I understand you have difficulties…but you have responsibilities.”