A doctor on TikTok has warned that there could be mould growing in the moist bristles of your toothbrush.

Mould tends to favour moist and damp conditions, making the likes of bathrooms and kitchens prime real estate for this kind of fungi.

A number of doctors have spoken out about this "silent epidemic" in the past, warning of the risks associated with using a mouldy toothbrush.

One such professional concerned with this is Dr Ellie Phillips who says there is "only one way to be rid of it".

Oxford Mail: The expert on TikTok revealed that there was only one way to get rid of mould from your toothbrush.The expert on TikTok revealed that there was only one way to get rid of mould from your toothbrush. (Image: Getty)

Doctor on TikTok reveals there is 'only one' way to get rid of toothbrush mould

The preventative dentist from Austin, Texas, who says she is on a mission to help people "avoid unnecessary dental treatments," caught the eye of social media users with her striking warning.

She told users on TikTok that we all need to start implementing a new routine to ensure our toothbrushes are safe to use.

She explained: "Many people are fully aware now of how dangerous mould can be. You may be working to get rid of mould in your house and certain areas under and around your bathroom.

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"But one of the places that people forget is their toothbrush. Toothbrushes get really dirty - especially when they're close to a toilet and in a damp climate where there is humidity...in your bathroom.

"Humidity is the worst thing for growing mould and actually allows harmful bacteria to multiply inside the bristles - around the deeper parts of the bristles in your toothbrush.

"This is why it's so important - you can't wash these bristles well enough, you can't dip them in hot water and try to boil them."

To ensure mould is prevented, the expert said: "Dry your toothbrush for 24 hours. So get your toothbrush, put it somewhere in a cup so that it can air dry and has plenty of air. If your bathroom is always being used by other people or is always damp - certainly don't leave your toothbrush in there.

"Take it somewhere, put it in your bedroom, put it in your kitchen, put it somewhere in the window where it can dry in the sunshine."