It is viewed as a deprived city ward with "lots of inefficient space" but plans are afoot to transform and revitalise the future of Blackbird Leys .

A plush new community centre, hundreds of new homes and a rebuilt church are among the plans to breathe new life into the area. 

Oxford City Council cabinet member for housing, Linda Smith, and development manager for housing association Peabody, Kris Hall, talked through their vision for regeneration of the Blackbird Leys district.

They were talking to us with the backdrop of the now semi-demolished community centre on Monday morning.

The £100m project on council-owned land will result in the construction of around 84 new homes between Knights Road and the Kassam Stadium as well as 210 new homes in the district centre.

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Stood outside the demolition site of the former community centre, Ms Smith said: “We are going to have a new full blown community centre.”

Oxford Mail: Linda Smith and Kris Hall outside the semi-demolished community centre.Linda Smith and Kris Hall outside the semi-demolished community centre. (Image: NQ.)

The Lye Valley ward councillor referenced “lots of inefficient space” and said the new centre would be “slightly smaller”.

Ms Hall added: “It will also be a lot more energy efficient.

“This is really exciting.”

The new Blackbird Leys tower will contain flats on the upper floors and shops at the bottom, relocated from their current site opposite the Church of the Holy Family.

This church is also under transformation plans. 

Recent flooding of the building caused severe damage to its concave roof.

Church officials are now seeking funding to demolish part of the grade II listed building so that weddings and funerals can take place once again.

Speaking on the home plans, Ms Smith said: “We are taking every opportunity we can get to build more homes.

“We need more homes of all types but we are particularly prioritising affordable homes.”

Other sites in Oxford beside Blackbird Leys that have been earmarked for regeneration include the Barton Park and Sandy Lane areas.

Oxford Mail: Builders, councillor and development manager stood at the Knights Road site.Builders, councillor and development manager stood at the Knights Road site. (Image: NQ.)

The site on Knights Road is set to have 84 new homes on a “rather unloved grassy area”.

Ms Smith said: “Some people were alarmed.

“If anything it will be an enhancement.”

Knights Road resident, Mrs Hanson, who did not disclose her forename, said: “A lot of people don’t want them here.

“Well, they’ve got to build them somewhere.

“I haven’t got a problem.”

Site manager Chris Doyle, who works for the Hill housebuilder company, said the upcoming development would lead to “enhanced and improved public open spaces”.

The district community centre went up at the same time as the Blackbird Leys Estate in the 1950s and 1960s and its demolition has led to feelings of sadness in the community.

One anonymous householder said: “It's such a shame it’s being demolished as it used to be the hub for the Blackbird Leys community.”

Oxford Mail: The road is going to be made straighter.The road is going to be made straighter. (Image: NQ.)

The road at the site of the existing community centre will also be "straightened out" according to Ms Hall, and will implement a segregated cycling area.