Labour is predicted to win Bicester and Woodstock in the next General Election, according to a new poll.

Data from Electoral Calculus suggests Labour is more than 400 votes ahead of the Conservatives and 2,700 votes ahead of the Liberal Democrats in the newly created constituency.

But the poll has been disputed by the Lib Dems, who were predicted to win the seat in a YouGov poll last month.

Veronica Oakeshott of Bicester and Woodstock Labour Party said: "These new numbers confirm what we’re hearing on the doorstep: voters are thoroughly fed up with this rotten Government and the state of our schools, the NHS and transport infrastructure.

"They want change and they want it now.

"However, the numbers are very close and we'll be working tirelessly to spread the message that we can keep this new constituency out of the clutches of the Tories.

"These numbers show that Labour is the only party that can beat the Conservatives, and Lib Dem supporters who want to be represented by a progressive MP should switch to Labour if they don’t want to cast a wasted vote."

The Labour Party is expected to select its General Election candidate for the Bicester and Woodstock seat in the coming weeks.

Responding to the poll, Simon Lytton, chair of Bicester and Woodstock Lib Dems, said it didn't "reflect local reality".

“These out-of-date numbers applied a blanket national method to the 2019 general election result; they don’t reflect local reality here in 2024," he said.

"Everyone knows that the new constituency will be a tight race between local Lib Dem, Calum Miller, and the Conservatives. More recent polls have confirmed this.

“Even the national Labour party have said this is not a target seat for them.

"Not a single Labour councillor has been elected in the new constituency for five years - and Labour haven’t even chosen their candidate.

"By contrast, Liberal Democrats have consistently won local elections, and Calum Miller has been actively engaging with local residents as our candidate since last year.

"These facts are much more relevant to our local choice at the next election than one questionable national projection.

“Those who want to see positive change in our area should look at the facts on the ground which show that only the Lib Dems – and Calum Miller – can beat the Conservatives here.”

Tory candidate for the seat, Rupert Harrison, said: "The new Bicester and Woodstock constituency will no doubt be hard fought by all three main parties, with all three in the lead according to different pollsters at different times.

"The only poll that matters will be at the general election when Oxfordshire's voters will get a chance to decide who they want as their MP.

"My campaign message will be simple: voting Conservative will be the only way to stop a Labour or Lib Dem MP propping up a Keir Starmer Government with no plan for the future except higher taxes and top-down development targets from Westminster with no say for local people here in Oxfordshire."