Jeremy Clarkson been hailed a hero by French farmers as one tractor driver praised the TV presenter and his show Clarkson’s Farm.

The farmers were gradually lifting their roadblocks around Paris and elsewhere in the country on Friday, a day after the French government offered more than 400 million euros (£341 million) in various measures meant to answer their grievances.

The farmers are unhappy over low earnings, heavy regulation and unfair competition from abroad.

Oxford Mail: Farmers occupy the highway in Jossigny, east of Paris, with protesting farmers camped out at

In an interview with The Telegraph, 30-year-old Robin Leduc, who has a 200-hectare farm in Canly, praised Clarkson’s Amazon Prime Video series which shows the presenter attempting to make a profit from Diddly Squat Farm in Chadlington.

“We need one of our French celebrities to do the same as Jeremy Clarkson. It’s everything he explained, that’s why and how we are here today,” he told the newspaper.

On Twitter, Clarkson responded with a message of support for French farmers, writing in their language: “Agriculteurs français. Je parie que personne n’a jamais dit cela auparavant, mais bonne chance, venant d’Angleterre [French farmers. I bet no one has ever said this before, but good luck, coming from England].”

Clarkson’s comment comes after he told The News Agents podcast in 2022 that he believes food prices should be double what they are.

At the time, he told presenters Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel: “People simply don’t pay enough for their food.

"The one thing a government will never say ‘oh you’ve got to pay more for your food, you don’t pay enough’.”