A dog has been caught pressing their home's doorbell after accidentally being locked out in a hilarious video.

Cheeky nine-year-old Weimaraner, Velma, can be seen trying to get her owner’s attention by skilfully pressing a Ring Video Doorbell.

Velma - who is an impressive two and a half feet tall - reportedly broke free from her home in Ramsgate while her owner, Paul Harrison, was getting something from the car.

After Paul shut the front door and unintentionally locked the 44kg dog out, the quick-witted canine is seen taking matters into her own paws.

Watch Velma the dog ring the doorbell after being locked out

In a clip shared with Ring, the gentle giant is seen nimbly pressing the smart security doorbell to alert Paul that she wanted to come in.  

Paul said: “Shortly after my Ring Doorbell goes, behold, it's Velma! Not having her own set of keys, she did the next best thing and rang the Ring Doorbell.”

Ring said their customers can download, save and rewatch videos in HD. 

Ring added that the "Video Doorbell allows users to monitor activity outside their properties, while a Ring Protect plan means they can record all events and conveniently review footage. 

"If you have footage captured on your Ring device, please send it to ukstories@ring.com or visit the Ring website".

This was apparently not the first time that Velma the clever Weimaraner has escaped.

Paul commented: “Velma once wandered onto the village football pitch and was surrounded by both teams in the centre circle. It was very funny but also a slightly embarrassing moment I must admit!” 

Now aged nine, Velma's getaways have stopped.

In fact, a new and perhaps unusual friendship has blossomed instead.

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Paul continued:" “Our neighbour has a field he keeps donkeys in and Velma just walks right in with no fear. They kiss and lick each other to say hello and then she’ll start eating the grass with them.” 

Luckily with her latest surprise break-out, Paul knew immediately Velma was outside. “We originally got our Video Doorbell because we’re away in France a lot and it makes it easier to chat to delivery drivers and keep an eye on comings and goings.

"We also have it connected to our Amazon Echo devices in our lounge and kitchen so we can simply say, "Alexa, show me the door" to check in. But we never thought it would be Velma knocking at the door!”