A beauty pageant competitor and law student from Oxfordshire has been selected to represent England at her second international event this year.

Rheanna Cartier, 20, who lives in Kingham, near Chipping Norton, will by flying out to Seoul, the capital of South Korea, in May after being scouted as Miss England for the Miss Supertalent World 2024 event.

She came to the attention of scouts after participating in the Swimsuit USA International competition, held in Mexico in October last year, and which boosted her social media presence online.

Oxford Mail:

She said: “I’m really excited to be going.

"I’d always wanted to be a part of international competitions even when I first started entering pageants.

“This competition has a bigger focus on the modelling aspect and participating offers the potential of many more opportunities.

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“As a ‘Miss’ competition, this event will have rounds including evening gown, national costume and swimwear, although I’ve already done the latter.”

The competition will take place over 10 days.

Miss Cartier first entered competitions at the age of 17 and has since participated in pageants all around the UK, including Miss England.

She added: “I first started off doing a bit of modelling and was then attracted to pageants.

"They looked like great fun. They’re similar to modelling but have a greater social aspect which I really enjoy.

“I haven’t stopped since entering my first competition at the age of 17 and now I’m really happy about competing in my second international competition this year."