A Banbury theatre company has opened auditions for roles in a performance which they will take to three drama festivals this year.

Banbury Cross Players (BCP) is taking ‘The Proposal’ by Anton Chekhov to festivals in Wallingford, Henley, and Abingdon.

New director, Suchit Kulkarni, said it's an "easy-on-the-eye comedy promising lots of entertainment", showing "how superficial and fragile relationships can be".

Auditions for three roles, Stepan Stepanovitch Chubukov (father), Natalya Stepanovna Chubukov (daughter), and Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov (Chubukov's neighbour), will be held on February 20 at 7.30pm at Longford Park Community Centre, Banbury.

The performance dates are yet to be confirmed but will take place at Henley Festival, May 5-11, Wallingford Festival, June 10-15, and ODN Festival, Abingdon, June 3-8.

The play will also be performed at BCP’s Season Preview on September 19.