* A man in his 60s has been taken to hospital as a result of this incident. An updated article on that can be found here

Police were called to Morrell Avenue this afternoon after a man “was attacked” by a dog.

The incident, which is believed to have taken place at the edge South Park, adjacent to Morrell Avenue, resulted at least four police vehicles, including a dog warden van, and an ambulance being called in response.

Morrell Avenue was temporarily closed and an officer at the scene told an Oxford Mail reporter a dog “was loose” and had “been behaving aggressively to a passer by” and was therefore being kept on a leash as they awaited the arrival of staff from a kennel.

People passing by were also asked to "move on" by police as the dog being handled "might be aggravated."

As a result of the incident both The Oxford Bus Company and Thames Travel announced online that their city15 and ST2 services would be temporarily unable.

Colin Dobson, a self-employed taxi driver, witnessed the incident and emergency service response as it unfolded.

He said in a public post: “Someone was taking photos from the other side of the road. Confirm man walking dog was attacked by dog and on the ground. We immediately went to his assistance and called the emergency services.”

Just after 2pm, he stated via X, formerly known as Twitter, that he witnessed the city’s dog warden on scene and that Morrell Avenue had reopened to traffic under police direction.

Morrell Avenue was fully reopened by police just after 2.20pm, with emergency services also then leaving the scene, with bus companies confirming after 2.40pm that affected services had resumed normal operation.

Thames Valley Police has been contacted twice for an official comment but is yet to reply.