Climate activist Greta Thunburg enjoyed dinner at an Oxford restaurant after protesting against plans to expand an airport.

The Swedish climate activist marched alongside Extinction Rebellion campaigners to protest against an airport’s expansion plans in Farnborough on Saturday (January 27).

Farnborough Airport has submitted a planning application to Rushmoor Borough Council to increase the number of flights from 50,000 to 70,000 a year.

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Following the protest, Miss Thunburg travelled to Oxford to eat at Delhish Vegan Kitchen in St Clement's Street.

Oxford Mail: Greta Thunberg at Delhish Vegan Kitchen Greta Thunberg at Delhish Vegan Kitchen (Image: Newsquest)Restaurant owner Jaya Patal: “For somebody like Greta, the number one vegan in the whole world, to come to a little tiny place like mine was surreal.

“We really wanted her to have a restaurant experience and not bombard her in any shape or form.

“All through the evening we pretended she was a normal person and gave her a normal service.

“We wanted her to have a private experience.”

Ms Patal revealed that Miss Thunburg told her that the food was “delicious” after the meal.

The Oxford restaurateur then gifted the activist some Indian spices.

She admitted the 21-year-old's visit gave her a confidence boost.

Ms Patal said: “She was so sweet and humble, like the girl next door. An ordinary person.

“I so admired her. I thought she was like a godsend honestly.

“To give me the little bit of confidence to think we are right in what we are doing.

“We offer a 100 per cent vegan menu which is already very tough when you are fighting for customers.

“Out of the places between Farnborough, London and Oxford, for her to come here was something special. I needed that boost.”

Miss Thunburg joined residents, members of Extinction Rebellion and climate change campaigners in a march from Farnborough town centre in Hampshire to Farnborough Airport during the day.

The group set off pink smoke flares and waved banners during the march.

The protesters are calling for a total ban on private jets, which are up to 30 times more polluting than passenger airliners, the group said.

Miss Thunberg said: “The fact that using private jets is both legally and socially allowed today in an escalating climate emergency is completely detached from reality.

“There are few examples that show as clearly how the rich elite is sacrificing present and future living conditions on this planet so they can maintain their extreme and violent lifestyles.”

Farnborough Airport said its environmental footprint is “a fraction that of a traditional commercial airport”, yet it serves as one of the largest employment sites in the region.

Rushmoor Borough Council is set to consider the plans in March.