Oxford children are planning to design a mural of the infamous Cutteslowe Walls as part of a scheme to clean up a graffiti-covered road bridge.

In recent years, the footbridge over the A40 linking Cutteslowe Park and Sunnymead recreation ground has been targeted by vandals, who have sprayed it with graffiti at either end.

But youth leaders in North Oxford have devised a scheme to get young people to take pride in the area and learn about a key episode of North Oxford history.

Afzal Gill, Oxfordshire County Council's youth worker for Wolvercote and Cutteslowe, said: "We have got the majority of young people in the area interested in a project to spray-paint the bridge that spans the bypass.

"This is a multi-agency project including the police, the county and the city council - young people here are very excited about it.

"At either end, the bridge is covered in graffiti and we thought it would be a good idea if youngsters from the youth club, aged 11 upwards, could come up with their own designs.

"One of the main features will be a drawing of the Cutteslowe Walls. One of the building companies involved in the project to rebuild the Wolvercote Viaduct has offered us £200 towards the cost of the project and is also providing us with some high-visibility jackets to make sure we are safe.

"We are also hoping that a professional artist will get involved so that he can guide the youngsters with their designs.

"The project will start on Monday and will continue throughout the summer holidays."

Mr Gill said the artwork would be sprayed with a special protective lacquer to protect it from graffiti artists attempting to vandalise the mural.

North Oxford city councillor Jean Fooks said: "This is an excellent project, which involves a number of agencies."