A crash in a main Oxford street destroyed two shop fronts and left a car flipped on its side

The dramatic collision in Iffley Road is believed to have happened last night (Saturday, January 20).

Pictures taken this morning show an overturned Vauxhall SUV on the pavement with police tape surrounding the scene.

Oxford Mail: Pictures taken this morning of the crash in Iffley RoadPictures taken this morning of the crash in Iffley Road (Image: Public)

The front of Turtle Pizza Cafe, a pizza restaurant, is heavily damaged, with the front shutters destroyed and the doors smashed.

The glass at the front of Tsang's Kitchen, a Chinese takeaway restaurant next door, is also broken following the crash.

A litter bin has also been knocked onto its side.

The pictures show a police officer at the scene and pedestrians observing the damage.

Emily Kerr, Green Party city councillor for the St Mary's ward, said: "A neighbour tells me this is the fourth car which has flipped near their house since they’ve been living in my ward.

"Each year on Oxfordshire’s roads there are 30,000 accidents. Let’s face it, dangerous driving is the real risk on our roads, not e-scooters or cyclists."

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: "It is a damage only road traffic collision. I gather structural engineers will be assessing the damage."