A young horse which was discovered abandoned and matted has been nursed back to full health.

The filly, who has been called Willow, was just one-year-old when she was removed from a common in South Wales by the RSPCA after concerns were raised for her welfare.

Little is known about her past, but it was clear she had little or no experience of human contact before being rescued.

Oxford Mail: Willow was found abandoned and matted on a common in South Wales

She was transferred to the RSPCA's equine centre in Dorrington and once settled she was moved into a centre for further rehabilitation.

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She was then transferred into the care of the Blue Cross at Burford where she needed intensive work to help her to get used to humans and being handled.

Gradually she started to overcome her fears and after six months of rehabilitation and training was brought back to health and sent to one of the charity’s foster homes.

She has now been looked after by the Blue Cross for more than 260 days, and is looking for a permanent home.

Lauren Bush, rehoming coordinator at Blue Cross in Burford, said: “When she first arrived in our care she was matted and wouldn’t come anywhere near us.

“It took us a few months to work with her to build her confidence in humans, but as she started to relax, we saw her personality starting to shine through.

"She started to enjoy being groomed, would be happy to approach us and loved some scratches.

Oxford Mail: Willow was found abandoned and matted on a common in South Wales

“Now she can be caught normally and leads well for her age.

"She will happily stand for a groom and have her feet picked out and can see the vet and farrier.”

The team are initially looking for a home for Willow as a non-ridden companion, due to her age and training needs.

Ms Bush said: “She’s a sweet, curious baby with lots of potential.

“We think she has the potential in the future, once she has settled, to be reassessed in a home to be a child’s lead reign pony as we think she should mature to around 12.2hh.

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“She will thrive in a set up with someone who has lots of time to give her and ideally living with other young ponies.

"She will be happy to live with mares or geldings and has lived out 24/7 but has been introduced to stabling for short periods with her friends.”

Christine McNeil, RSPCA Inspectorate National Equine, said: “

“We are very grateful for the Blue Cross for their ongoing work in rehabilitating Willow and we’re delighted to hear she is now ready to find her forever home.”

For more information, visit bluecross.org.uk