Oxford City Council has advised people not to go wild swimming due to increased risks following the recent flooding in the county.

The council has carried out water tests at Hinksey Lake, which has discovered an increase in the level of E coli.

They said: "The results of water testing at Hinksey Lake have revealed the recent flooding and run-off have increased contamination, including an increase in the level of E coli.

"We strongly advise against wild swimming."

Oxfordshire has been suffering since Storm Henk caused severe floods across the county, leading to road closures and homes being evacuated.

There is another flood warning from the Met Office, with a warning currently in place for the whole of England.

A spokesperson for the Met Office said: "Land, roads and some properties may flood and there may be travel disruption.

"Local groundwater flooding is expected in parts of the South of England over the next five days."

The outlook for Oxfordshire from Saturday to Monday is "a mild, but unsettled spell will arrive through Saturday, with strong winds, bands of heavy rain and cloudy conditions dominating the weekend. Brighter but showery Monday".

The council has been working to limit the damage caused by the flooding, and said on January 11 that more than four million litres of water had been pumped every 24 hours for a week.