Jewish and Israeli communities have gathered to mark 100 days since 136 hostages were taken captive by Hamas.

The streets of Oxford were filled with participants who recited the names of all the imprisoned individuals and carried yellow balloons and wore ribbons

Speeches were made by Professor Oren Gazal-Ayal and Rabbi Michael Rosenfeld, before a unity-promoting three km walk.

Professor Gazal-Ayal quoted Yelena Trufanov, a former hostage: "100 days in the captivity of Hamas is unimaginable.

"When I returned I learned that my husband Vitali has been murdered and my house had been burnt down. All I have left is my only son Sasha, who is still held hostage."

He also cited Agam Goldstein Almog, who spoke about the women and girls she was held hostage with: "We were there together, and now I'm here.

"I want to shout out your pain, your suffering, your despair."

The event concluded with demands for the hostages' immediate release.