An Oxfordshire mental health charity has assured residents that it's services will be unaffected by flooding to it's office.

On January 4, flooding hit the Osney, Oxford office of mental health support provider Oxfordshire Mind.

The heavy rainfall that led to the flooding temporarily disrupted the daily workings at the Oxfordshire Mind office.

Oxford Mail: The flooding at Oxfordshire Mind's officeThe flooding at Oxfordshire Mind's office (Image: Oxfordshire Mind)

CEO, Ms Jess Willsher, said: "While the flooding posed an unexpected obstacle, our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that support for mental health continues without interruption.

"We understand the importance of our services to the community, especially during these challenging times."

Employing a contingency plan, Oxfordshire Mind moved to remote operations.

The organization's service users can still access necessary resources, guidance and support through the same established channels such as the website or by calling 01865 247788.

Oxfordshire Mind has emphasised that users need not hesitate to reach out.

Beyond its operational commitments, Oxfordshire Mind has reassured its clients, partners, and stakeholders, stressing that the flooding will not impede delivery of its crucial mental health services.

Furthermore, the charity has highlighted its gratitude for the "understanding and patience" expressed by the community amidst the floods.

Oxfordshire Mind has called for donations to aid its recovery, in order to continue serving the community optimally.