A swan has been killed after being attacked by a dog at Hinksey Park in Oxford.

A bird and wildfowl rescue charity was called to pick up the seriously injured swan on Monday (January 8).

The bird's neck was badly damaged in the attack and it died.

Parks supervisor Julian Cooper appealed for information on the Friends of the Hinksey Park Facebook page.

He said: "I hope if whoever is responsible for this sees the post makes a sizeable donation to Swan Support [a wildlife rescue service]. 

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"With areas being flooded the city’s wildfowl really do need us to show caution as birds will be in areas not normally used."

Mr Cooper, who works for the Oxford Direct Services (ODS), which manages the parks on behalf of the city council, called on dog walkers to take more care when taking their pets near wildlife.

He said: "Rarely does a dog attack cause a death.

"We will get people who let their dogs run into flocks along the rivers and meadows in Oxford and that always presents a risk.

"Disturbance can increase the spread of bird flu for instance.

"To avoid a repeat of this tragic incident we would ask all dog owners to be responsible and, if in any doubt, put dogs on leads."