Castle Combe is often described as the ultimate picturesque English village.

The quaint buildings, the scenery and the popularity with artists as a filming location also make Castle Combe one of the most visited spots in the UK.

Castle Combe was crowned Britain’s prettiest village by FBM holidays in July 2021 and has gained increasing attention ever since.

The leafy area is a popular haunt with tourists and has been used as a filming location for blockbusters such as Stephen Spielberg’s War Horse and the Christmas film Stardust.

However, all this popularity seems to have had an adverse effect, at least according to one famous TikToker.

User philc84, who has almost a million followers on the popular app, posted a recent video questioning whether Castle Combe is "the worst place to live in the UK".

The reason why? Because of us, apparently. Well, us and tourists.

In the video, he says: "Castle Combe, allegedly the most beautiful village in the country. Because of its "beauty" it is a tourist-flooded hellhole.

"Christ only knows what the place is like in the height of summer. Let's have it right Castle Combe is only considered the most beautiful village in the country because a couple of journalists who never leave London saw this one photo and ran stories on the place."

Oxford Mail: What photo?What photo? (Image: Getty)

Nothing to see here.

He continued: "And now this corner of nothingness is condemned to tourists forever more looking for grid photos.

"I swear to you there is nothing here."

@philc84 Is it the Worst Place or the Most Beautiful Place in the UK? I won’t be returning. #castlecoombe #cotswolds #villagelife #placestovisit #ukcomedy #britishhumour #satire #learnontiktok ♬ original sound - Phil

Famously dubbed “the prettiest village in England”, its screen-friendly stone cottages have been seen in the 1967 musical Dr Dolittle, as well as in 2010’s updating of The Wolfman with Benicio Del Toro and Steven Spielberg’s film War Horse.

If you're going to visit, well, do so in small groups perhaps.