Residents of Osney in Oxford have spoken of their surprise at a visit from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak this morning (Sunday, January 7).

The Prime Minister was seen at Osney Island and speaking with representatives from the Environment Agency at Osney Lock, where he gave a televised interview.

Julia Hamer-Hunt, a resident of Bridge Street affected by flooding, spoke with the Prime Minister on her doorstep.

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She said: “I was really surprised. I was given about five minutes notice by Simon Collings of the Oxford Flood Alliance who deals with Robbie Williams from the Environment Agency and asked if I would speak to him.

“The Government needs to do more and pollution in the river needs to stop. The Prime Minister nodded and said ‘yes yes’ when I said the Government needed to do more. How he will change things remains to be seen."

Ms Hamer-Hunt’s property backs onto a stream which branches off from the river, with water having risen into her back garden since Friday (January 5).

She has defence system in place to prevent flood water entering her home via the kitchen. She also has a pump under her living room floor.

Oxford Mail: Ms Hamer-Hunt looks out onto her back garden, which has been hit by flooding

She added: “My house flooded everywhere in 2007 and in my kitchen in 2003 and we never had a visit from the Prime Minister then.”

Resident Carmel Engin said: “I’m certainly surprised to hear the Prime Minister has been here.

"It seems not a lot of us were very well informed of the visit. If I would have known in advance I would have been campaigning at the Lock for clean water in the Thames.

“All land north of Botley Road will always flood, hence why there is no major housing there, other than social housing, with these people bearing the brunt of this flooding which is very distressing.

“The Oxford flood alleviation scheme will destroy a lot of the natural environment from here running down to Abingdon. There will be no major gains but lots of pollution caused as and when constructed.”

Simon Collings, a member of Oxford Flood Alliance, has stated he believes that many local residents are in favour of the alleviation scheme however. He praised the work the Environment Agency has been doing to support people affected by flooding.

David Jones, manager of The Punter pub in South Street who had little warning of the visit, said: “He’s not welcome in here. If you speak to local residents – they’re not fans of him.

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“His presence here isn’t particularly important as property damage in other areas of the county has been significantly greater.

“We found out he was going to be here when we opened from one of our first customers today.

“It would make sense to dredge the rivers and stop pumping sewage into them and actually invest in Britain, especially by nationalising the water companies, but of course this won’t happen as all of Sunak’s friends make money with things the way they are.”