An Oxfordshire council has been hounded with objection letters over plans to turn a 4.5-hectare area of outstanding natural beauty into a dog park.

The Kidmore End site, which is listed as Summer Cottage on the planning application, is near the Cane End village east of the A4074.

It accommodates goats, horses, a pig, parrots within an enclosure, peacocks, free roaming chickens, a turkey and ducks.

Three areas of woodland for dog walking are already in use as well as an area for dog exercise, a dog day care centre and dog groomers.

Plans are now being submitted retrospectively and are due to be discussed at a South Oxfordshire District Council planning committee meeting next week.

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The adventure park permits a maximum of 20 dogs at one time.

But Kidmore End Parish Council has expressed concerns over proposals saying they would have a “detrimental impact on the area of outstanding natural beauty”.

The council also believes it would increase likelihood of accidents due to additional traffic from the A4074 and that there is “no information on how dog waste is to be hygienically and sustainably processed”.

Oxford Mail: The large site measuring approximately 4.5 hectares lies within the ownership of Summer Cottage.The large site measuring approximately 4.5 hectares lies within the ownership of Summer Cottage. (Image: South Oxfordshire District Council)

There are 11 objections in the form of neighbour comments which express concerns that “dog walking areas are not supervised and have aggressive dogs” and of “land being contaminated by dog excrement and harmful to humans and other animals”.

The site lies within the Chiltern Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is connected to nearby areas of ancient woodland such as Charterfield Woods to the northeast.

It is considered that the development is acceptable in principle as a business in the area.

But Kidmore End Parish Council also objects to the apparent “unsustainable location only accessible by private cars, increase in noise and nuisance”.

The council also objects to “the development being at odds with vision and objectives of the adopted Kidmore End Neighbourhood Plan”.

No concerns have been raised by respective authorities on issues related to flooding and transport.

But the landscape officer for the application has raised objections.

A statement said: “The development is at odds with the key characteristics of the local AONB landscape and would impact on the character and visual amenity of the A4074 and the footpath which passes adjacent to the site.

Oxford Mail: The development utilises three areas of woodland for dog walking.The development utilises three areas of woodland for dog walking. (Image: South Oxfordshire District Council)

"The signage, fencing and lighting all have an impact on the tranquillity of the adjacent AONB footpath.

"At present there are no proposals to reduce these impacts or mitigate the harm caused by the development.”

Proposed hours for dog walking are from 6am to 9pm in the spring and summer then 8am to 4pm in the autumn and winter, seven days a week.

Permission has also been requested for use of a septic tank on site.