I was disgusted and horrified to see the photograph of a terrified calf jumping into the crowd at the San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain (Oxford Mail, July 11).

You describe this as "revelry", yet the article below said: "Outrage over car taxes hike."

Obviously you have your priorities in order!

The "outrage" should have described the poor calf in Spain which, by now, will have suffered a barbaric death at the hands of a bunch of psychos dressed in fancy costumes.

This is called "art", "culture", "tradition" and the British taxpayer is subsidising this so-called "sport" to the tune of £185 per bull.

The total EU support package amounts to £100m.

The EU also builds and renovates bull rings and subsidises blood fiestas where every imaginable form of sadism is practised. These obscenities should not be permitted in a European country in the 21st century.

Such medieval torture should have been banned centuries ago.

Unfortunately, newspapers like the Oxford Mail seem to consider bull fighting as a form of entertainment, not a spectacle of recreational bloody violence.

Anyone who enjoys watching a noble creature being subjected to this vile brutality is very sick indeed.

SHARON HOPKINS Templar Road Oxford