Witney Town Council has been granted permission for an overhaul of a key sports and social hub.

The West Witney Sports and Social Club will have its clubhouse refurbished, marking a measurable investment in local sports and community engagement.

The Council and the Club Committee jointly planned upgrades which include enhancements to the toilets, changing rooms and inclusion of a first-floor lift.

External work such as cladding, rendering, and installation of new windows is also part of the makeover.

Phil Horne, chair of West Witney Sports & Social Club, said, "Our Chairperson and secretary of West Witney Sports & Social Club have been working positively with Witney Town Council over the last few months to put together a plan for the refurbishment.

"We are over the moon to hear that planning permission has now been granted."

Funding for this significant upgrade came from the Town Council and existing developer contributions.

The project displays the Council's ongoing commitment to enhance the town's infrastructure and preserve its heritage.

Cllr Ruth Smith, leader of Witney Town Council said: "It’s high time this heavily-used and well-loved clubhouse and changing base got the renovations it needs.

"It’s been a long road, but once the current club committee hit upon these designs, everything felt achievable and more positive than it had in years.

"I really look forward to the finished building and all the versatile ways it will support local sport."