The majority of workers are not aware of a new right they will have from next year, new research suggests.

From April 2024, workers will be able to request flexible working from their employer from day one of their job, but more than two thirds are unaware of the law change.

The conciliation service Acas said it will produce a new statutory code of practice next year for employers and workers on handling requests for flexible working.

Staff who have worked for their employer for 26 weeks or more currently have the right to ask if they can work flexibly.

A new change in the law will make this a right that applies from the first day of employment.

Acas chief executive Susan Clews said: “There has been a substantial shift in flexible working globally, which has allowed more people to better balance their working lives and employers have also benefitted from being an attractive place to work.

“It is important for bosses and staff to be prepared for new changes to the law around the right to request flexible working, which will be coming into force next year.

“Acas has just consulted on a new draft code of practice, which strengthens good practice on flexible working and addresses important upcoming changes to the law. The final new code will be published next year.”

The day one right to request flexible working will come into force in April 2024.

The survey of 1,000 workers by Acas found that 70% were not aware of the new right.