An Oxfordshire-based company is removing plastics from customers daily wash.

Found in Chalgrove, South Oxfordshire, Chalk Stream is pioneering in eco-friendly hand, skin, and hair care products using hand-picked botanicals and essential oils.

It incorporates watercress from English chalk streams, blending luxury and eco-consciousness.

After finding that the UK's personal care industry discards more than three billion plastic bottles annually, enough to fill Wembley Stadium to its arch, the company endeavoured to shift to a plastic-free brand.

This motivated them to develop natural, quality products.

The company's products are manufactured in a small batch facility in Somerset, utilizing 100 per cent renewable energy.

All ingredients are organic, natural, vegan and harvested using sustainable methods.

They're from known, trusted suppliers who adhere to fairtrade standards.

Every customers first order will come with a reusable glass bottle and food-safe compostable pouches, which will break down in 32 weeks or less in a compost patch.

Customers can dispose of them in their garden waste or home compost heap or simply in brown waste bin.

Founder of Chalk Stream, Will Dymott said: "Unlike other ‘eco’ offerings we wanted to concentrate on a quality premium product, that stands up against or surpasses other premium brands, and not overly rely on our eco credentials, However the ecological benefits are real.

"With no greenwashing."