Oxford can be a beautiful place for walks depending where you go and our readers have been on hand to advise on this topic.

Here is a round-up of top places suggested for the ‘best winter stroll spot in Oxford’.

Port Meadow

A few people said that Port Meadow, an ancient area of grazing land besides the River Thames which runs from Jericho to Wolvercote, was a good place for a winter stroll.

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The meadow has been dubbed the perfect location to watch the sun rise and sun set and host horses which graze amidst mist on the grass.

Oxford Mail: Port Meadow before Christmas Photo: Lucie JohnsonPort Meadow before Christmas Photo: Lucie Johnson

 Wytham Woods

Oxford Mail: Wytham WoodsWytham Woods

One reader put forward the suggestion of Wytham Woods, a 423.8-hectare biological National Conservation Review site in the north west of Oxford.

The woods have been the focus of several ecological research programmes and many of the trees are planted or the descendants of planted trees from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Headington Hill Park

Oxford Mail: Headington Hill ParkHeadington Hill Park

The east Oxford Headington Hill Park has been leased to Oxford Brookes University by Oxford City Council since 1992 with its landscaping originally designed in the 1850s by William Hart Baxter, curator of the Oxford Botanical Garden.

Shakespeare plays and wedding receptions are among the many outside events that have been hosted in the free access arboretum which covers 20 acres.

Though, these events are better hosted in the summer than icy winter.

Blackbird Leys

Oxford Mail: Blackbird Leys pictured in 1991Blackbird Leys pictured in 1991

One person commented that Blackbird Leys field would be a good site for a winter stroll.

This was met with mixed reaction from other Oxford residents.

The reader said: “The views of the flats, top shops, with the Windrush Tower appearing beautifully in the background has to be seen to be believed. Astonishing views in winter time.”

Blackbird Leys has been a key area of Oxford for many years with the original estate being first built in 1958.

From the sitting room to the kettle and back

Oxford Mail: KettleKettle

This does not exactly seem like a winter stroll spot but the sentiment behind it featured regularly hence its inclusion on this list.

Another person commented that their favourite winter stroll spot was "in bed with a hot chocolate and an electric blanket".

A third reader added that the best place was: “Nowhere near me. I like my solace. So does my dog.”

Other tongue in cheek mentions on the list included "LTNs in Cowley Road", "around the council office car park" and "Botley Road because there are no cars" in reference to the road being closed at the train station as part of a major Network Rail scheme.