A 60-year-old picturesque cottage in Bicester may be getting an extension along with several modern alterations.

The Old Cottage in Godlington Stud Farm Street, known as The Farmhouse, is the subject of an application which could see the property extended with an additional bedroom and bathroom.

The proposal also seeks to reorganise the layout of the cottage to address entry issues and to increase the size of the kitchen, sitting space, utility and larder rooms.

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The existing house was built in the 1960s and served to accommodate staff working on the farm. It no longer operates as a farmhouse, and now provides the main house supporting the farm and equine stud businesses that operate on land nearby.

The property has seen very little significant alterations or modernisation since being built.

The applicant, BW Architects, said: “Generally the building is structurally sound. However, the building fabric is ‘of its time’.”

“Cavity walls are poorly insulated, windows are single glazed and leaky creating unwanted draughts and the roof space is vented.

“The main entrance door on the roadside elevation is not used, all daily access being from the back door facing the parking area.

“There is a poor relationship between the internal spaces of the house and the existing exterior garden and amenity areas.”

If the proposal is granted, the windows will be replaced throughout with modern insulated and draught free units.

The ground floor windows facing into the rear garden will be full height glazed door sets, allowing the south facing internal spaces to directly open to the new terrace.


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