Bampton Classical Opera will commemorate patron Saint Beornwald with their annual concert focusing on seventeenth-century New World music.

Scheduled for December 19 at St Mary’s Church, the centrepiece of the event will be the eight-voice Missa Joseph fili David from Spanish composer, Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla, who who spent much of his career working at Puebla Cathedral, Mexico.

Alongside the mass, there will be of motets and villancicos, which are Spanish-language carols, from Antonio de Salazar, Francisco López Capillas and Gaspar Fernandes, among others.

Oxford Mail: St Mary's Church St Mary's Church (Image: Bampton Classical Opera)

Bampton Classical Voices will be returning to Bampton to participate in the event under the direction of Andrew Griffiths.

The programme reflects the era's diverse and robust musical landscape, with works from the libraries of well-renowned Mexican cathedrals and Spanish masters such as Victoria, Guerrero, and Vivanco.

Post interval, attendees at St Mary's will be enjoy pieces from Juan García de Zéspedes and Juana Inés de la Cruz, among others.

Tickets are £20, with a 50% discount for students, and can be purchased on-line or via phone.