Abingdon dogs are being requested to donate blood to save the lives of their fellow canines.

Pet Blood Bank UK is appealing for dog owners to register their furry friends for a donation session at Boundary Vets on December 10.

The initiative is particularly important during the holiday season, when the stock of lifesaving blood for dogs lowers, putting at risk the lives of poorly pups.

Oxford Mail: The dogs must be between one and eightThe dogs must be between one and eight (Image: Pet Blood Bank)

Dogs between the ages of one and eight, weighing over 25kg, and that are fit, healthy, and confident are perfect as donors.

To book an appointment for the December 10 session, owners can visit www.petbloodbankuk.org or call 01509 232222.

The bank said that over the month of December, Pet Blood Bank sees a dip in donations as many people go away for the holidays and are busier than normal.

Pet Blood Bank UK functions similarly to the human blood service and operates across the country.

Every donation a dog gives can help to save the lives of up to four other dogs.

Dogs in Abingdon as well as all dogs across the UK, have access to the lifesaving blood should they ever need it.

The donation itself lasts only between five to ten minutes, while a full visit may extend to 40 minutes.

The full process involves a health check from the Pet Blood Bank vet, along with treats and affection.

Dogs will also receive a goody bag and toy to take home.