Readers have had their say in response to an Oxford Mail question asking 'What do you think should be done to improve transport in Oxford?’

Nearly 100 comments were sent in response at the time of writing and here are a selection of the most notable ones.

Most of the responses called for the removal of low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs), which are in various locations around Oxford such as East Oxford on Divinity Road, St Clement’s and St Mary’s areas as well as Cowley in Temple Cowley, Church Cowley and Florence Park areas.

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Comments such as “Get rid of the LTN” have showcased this, with some elaborating that they cause traffic issues and that they are a “pain for emergency services.”

Some comments have gone as far to say “Relocate LTNS’s to North Oxford".

Certain comments have called for the removal of bikes and bike riders.

One response said: “Ban cyclists. They slow down traffic causing congestion and therefore increasing emissions.”

The latest provisional data from the Gov UK website shows that since June 2023, cycling traffic levels have decreased by 5.2 per cent since the previous year.

Oxford has also been named to have one of the highest rates of cycling in England.

As well as these, comments calling to open the roads again have been frequent with one saying: “Reopen Botley road is a good place to start.”

Oxford City Council had announced a £161million station and railway upgrade, which has meant Botley Road has been closed from 11 April 2023 and will undergo road works until October 2024.

Oxford Mail: Botley Road traffic Botley Road traffic (Image: Oxford Mail)This has caused severe delays in traffic since the work began, as Oxford residents have had to plan alternate routes, with many taking the A34 approach to the Botley interchange.

To round up the final genre of comments, many have been calling for the implementation of bus gates, which are short sections of the road where only buses and authorised vehicles can go through.

Comments such as “Bus gates now” have been posted along with statements like this: “Make it easier to use buses. No point getting the bus in Oxford if you just have to sit in traffic with all the cars. Would be so much more appealing if you could cruise past it all in a bus lane.”

Duncan Enright, Oxfordshire County Council cabinet member for travel and development strategy previously said: "As many people will recognise, Oxford’s streets were not designed for the volume of traffic they carry today.

"Making the best use of the city’s constrained road network is an exceptionally complex challenge that the county council has been focusing on for many years.

"We believe the council’s planned measures are the answer to freeing up space in the city centre, cleaning the air we breathe, getting our bus services moving and making walking and cycling the natural first choice."