MP for Oxford West and Abingdon Layla Moran has lambasted traffic conditions at the Botley Interchange and A34 near Oxford, stating the current situation "simply cannot go on."

Following the traffic chaos many motorists experienced yesterday, Ms Moran took to X to raise her concerns.

She said: "Another groundhog day of gridlock on the A34 at Botley Interchange. I’ve contacted National Highways to be on site for the rush hour to deal with the ongoing chaos and ensure it doesn't worsen."

Oxford Mail: Motorists approaching Botley Interchange yesterdayMotorists approaching Botley Interchange yesterday (Image: Sam Lockhart)

Ms Moran also confirmed she had made contact with National Highways yesterday morning in a bid to secure mitigation measures.

Ms Moran added: "I spoke to National Highways this morning about mitigation measures and have been receiving updates throughout the day. I am in contact with Thames Valley Police following safety concerns from road users."

Delays and congestion have also befallen road users today on their approach to the interchange and Botley Roundabout, with delays yesterday being as long as five and a half hours for some. Live updates can be accessed here.

The MP has previously spoken out in frustration at the county's current road conditions, particularly regarding delays and traffic caused by ongoing works at the interchange.

When contacted for comment yesterday, a spokesperson for National Highways said: "It’s vital that structures on National Highways’ motorways and major A-roads are kept in good condition to make sure they remain safe, reliable, and keep traffic moving.

"We are making improvements at the Botley Interchange as part of a series of coordinated safety improvements on the A34 and continue to make good progress. 

“We do all we can to minimise disruption and to raise awareness of our plans. This includes sending out 8,000 letters alert local residents and business to the repair work, as well as erecting 400 temporary signs warning road users of the temporary road layout.

“We encourage drivers to drive with extra care while they adjust to the new layout and to get into the correct lane in good time.”